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"People Don't Have Ideas, Ideas Have People" -Carl Jung

Updated: Sep 21, 2022

"People don't have ideas, ideas have people."  -Carl Jung

Ideas are obviously invisible and I don't think they obey the space-time continuum rules. They are more like Roy Kent from Ted Lasso: He's here, he's there, he's every f***ing where....Roy Kent (Big Idea). I personally believe idea's ride around on dragonflies. Not because they have too but because they can. Or at least, if I were an idea, I would definitely ride on a Dragonfly (like a boss). Greeks were awesome because they named things in Greek. For example, a genus of dragonfly called Anax means Lord, Master, King; from the family Aeshnidae. It includes species such as the emperor dragonfly, Anax Imperator (Good name for a Doberman: who would mess with Anax Imperator?). Greeks knew ideas ride on dragonflies and they ride like a boss.

When my mentor was exercising one day in his office, (back in the 80's when exercise bars were commonly shoved in a open doorway). He had purchased the ankle straps with hooks, so he could hang himself (upside down) and feel blood rush to his head, then do some crunches (Rectus Abdominus contractions). But before he could unhang himself and feel pumped..... the gadget slipped and he landed on his head. He got up, brushed off the carpet lint and walked around and felt a little different. He had a couple of his interns check him to see if he threw anything OUT in his spinal column. Lo and behold (Genesis 15:3 fun fact: this is where that term came from) his pelvis became stabilized which was surprising because he had a chronic instability that would never hold.

Boom....An idea on a dragonfly outside his office dropped and landed where Dr. Denton (my mentor) was sitting ("His hand on his chin"- pose). Dr. Denton had the idea, "Hey, I can stabilize the Pelvis from the Cranium". Vector Point Cranial Therapy was born from that special day and I am continuing developing and teaching this original work (with the help of Anax Imperator).

Ideas have friends. Over the years some of those friends have found me. In fact the other day I was in my backyard (by a lake where dragonflies like to hang), looked up, saw a dragonfly pause in front of me (wings buzzing) and I greeted it with: Good Morning, Lord Master King, and damn if I didn't get an idea.

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