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Top 10 questions that Dr. Davis' patients frequently ask

Image by Joyce McCown
  • “How does Craniopathy differ from regular Chiropractic?”
    Craniopathy is a specialty within Chiropractic and Osteopathic Medicine which takes stress specifically off of the covering of the brain and spinal cord. By taking tension off the nerves roots in a non-forceful manner, the muscles relax and the vertebrae move back into proper position. Regular Chiropractic has a habit of adjusting the vertebrae by popping but it doesn’t affect the covering of the spinal cord.
  • “How come there aren’t more Doctors doing this type of work since the results are so amazing?”
    Good question. I guess since this work is relatively new (Vector Point Cranial Therapy was discovered about 25 years ago) and had only the voice of one Doctor (Dr. David Denton) for several years, it’s been a challenge to get the message out to other colleagues. With a more recent affiliation-accreditation program through Denton Research and Vector Point Cranial Therapy, Craniopathy is now available to all Doctors in the medical field encompassing Chiropractors, Naturopathic Physicians, Osteopathic Practitioners and MD’s. I became a Craniopathic D.C. and a Certified Instructor to teach this work because it is affective and the most specific structural work available today. The results are astounding… the only ‘draw-back’ other Doctors have expressed about this work is the time it takes to treat each patient and discuss their individual health concerns. Remember, good Physicians never under-estimate quality time with their patients. Craniopaths offer individual attention and one-on-one, in-depth treatments with each valuable person who walks through the door. The positive aspect of time is that I’ve seen patients get better quickly ensuring the opportunity for other to make appointments and be on their road to recovery as well.
  • "In order for this technique to work for my body, do I have to come here constantly, like 2 or 3 times a week, for the next few years?”
    In the beginning, we schedule several visits over a short period of time with the idea of stabilizing the pelvis and unwinding the spine for a point where we don’t have to see the patient on a weekly basis. Once the symptoms are relieved, we maintain the release through a maintenance program to ensure optimal health for the rest of the patient’s life.
  • “Do I need to keep coming here even after my initial problem is gone?”
    There is always constant stress in life that affects the human body in one way of another. The stress we endure comes from many sources and various circumstances… from the air we breathe to the food we eat; from the jobs we hold to the accidents we have; from the people we know to the emotions we carry… Everything points toward the need for maintenance so that the initial problem will not resurface and other potential health conditions might be avoided.
  • “I hear you talk about maintenance quite a bit, is it really all that important?
    All of your organs, glands, muscles and every single cell of the body depend on the nervous system to maintain proper function. Our goal is for you to obtain optimal health through proper nutrition, a low-impact exercise regime and Chiropractic care (Craniopathy) on a continuous basis. Maintenance allows very little stress to effect the nervous system. When the nervous system is functioning optimally, you look and feel great! When you feel great, you’ll know that investing into your health was and is most definitely worth your while.
  • “Do I need to see a regular Chiropractor or a Physical Therapist while I am getting treated by you?”
    The brain and spinal cord activate muscles, causing them to tighten and to move vertebrae (non-forcefully) and rest the muscles to function properly. With regular Chiropractic and Physical Therapy, while beneficial for many people who haven’t experienced Craniopathy, we find that those techniques and services are normally not needed as this work completely resets the body’s “computer” – enabling it to function normally in a relatively short period of time.
  • “Why don’t you bill insurance?”
    Billing insurance in the 2000 has become a complicated and expensive undertaking. I prefer patients to bill their own insurance companies and not to position myself as the “middle man” or, worse yet, an employee of an insurance conglomerate. This allows me more time to do what I’m good at and that’s helping brains and spinal cords to function optimally.
  • “Why isn’t magnet therapy good for me?”
    Magnets are great for many things such as holding beautiful pictures of your child or grandchild’s artwork on the refrigerator. They are not good placed on the body for long periods of time. Magnets disrupt and cause stress on our own electric fields and create an unnatural field when they come in contact near or directly with the body. Magnets do not replicate or fortify the earth’s natural magnetic field. Anytime you want a demonstration of this, I’ll be glad to show you.
  • “Does Craniopathy include diet, exercise and nutritional supplementation as well?”
    Craniopathy is just one specialty offered at The Center for Structural Medicine. Diet, exercise and nutritional supplementation are also important in maintaining our frames. Information sheets on diet, exercise and vitamin/mineral supplementation are provided for your convenience at the front desk.
  • “Are all those children really yours?”
    Well, yes… as a matter of fact, they are ~ All eight of them!
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