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1st Patient-Marjorie Babcock

I've never done a blog and everyone says never say never. So I'm doing a blog and I'll start at the beginning. I started my practice in Grand Junction Colorado. I had just graduated from Chiropractic School with a wife and a 2 year old son, twin girls and a child on the way. I had to wait to take my boards later in the year, so I did odd jobs and started treating some patients out of my house as a bodyworker. I put fliers out at a Health Food store in town and shortly there after I got my first call. Marjorie Babcock, a very forthright person who speaks her mind and if your good with her she is sweet as honey, if you do her wrong she will show you no mercy. She showed up and my family went out the door so we wouldn't be bothered and they all went to the local laundromat. I did my first history, exam and treatment......for money......I finally was a professional:). She felt better leaving and I was happy in my first post graduate treatment experience. Next day I get a call: What did you do to me, I feel like I got hit by a truck. I told her I'd be glad to check her. She came right over, my family left again this time to go to the local park. I checked her indicators and everything I did the day before had held. She was so sore all over because her muscles weren't use to her new pelvic position and she admitted the low back pain she came in for was gone. It was like she went and did a 2 hour weightlifting session at 70 years old sore(without lifting for 30 years). She then came back the next week and the family did the laundromat thing again and she was very happy with how she was feeling. She noticed each time my family left and asked me where they went each time. I told her the laundromat because we didn't have a washer and dryer. Soon after that she said I'm moving locally to a new place which has a new washer and dryer and am going to give you my washer and dryer I currently have. She added, they are great condition and your wife won't have to go to the laundromat anymore. Over the years she became a dear friend and I treated her for the next 6 years before she died. I will never forget her she was truly a special person.

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Love it! What a great story!! You've always been amazing Bruce!

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